Clean Energy Solutions

While massive wind farms, large-scale solar panel arrays and huge hydroelectric power plants are all vital players when it comes to clean energy solutions, there are plenty of smaller-scale products and technologies that are clean and green as well. Solar technology, in particular, has been adapted to address a wide variety of consumer energy needs. Each clean energy solution, no matter how small, helps conserve resources and delay the harmful effects of climate change.

Life-Changing Clean Energy

Almost one fourth of the world’s population relies on kerosene as a source of light. Kerosene as an energy source is responsible for around 190 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions every year. Indoor kerosene use is a fire hazard and a health danger to the families who must rely on it for light. Several non-profit organizations now offer off-grid solar energy solutions that impoverished households can afford. Small solar panels are built into lamps or light bulbs. The sun recharges the device’s batteries during the day to provide light in the evening.

Solar Electronic Rechargers

People in the developed world have a variety of solar clean energy solutions available to them as well. The US Energy Information Administration reports that around 44 percent of American households have at least three rechargeable electronic products. A solar recharger can reduce the electricity needed to power these devices. Affordable solar rechargers can be set in a sunny window or dashboard of a car, and in around four hours, they can recharge a cell phone or MP3 player.

Simple Behavioral Solutions

Placing dirty dishes directly into a dishwasher can save up to 6,500 gallons of water every year. Lowering a water heater’s temperature by just ten degrees can save up to five percent on energy bills. Sealing up the ducts in an HVAC system can reduce energy costs by as much as thirty percent.

Energy-conscious practices allow individuals to live greener and save money too. Whether using solar lights for outdoor lighting or simply setting a computer to hibernate when not in use, everyone can participate in clean energy solutions.