Objective of Energy Conservation

Whether it’s turning off a light when leaving a room, checking the tire pressure on a car or adding insulation to an attic, every contribution towards energy conservation helps preserves Earth’s finite natural resources. Conservation helps slow down the effects of climate change as well. The world runs on energy, most of which is supplied through the burning of fossil fuels that release harmful gases. Cutting back on energy use and using energy more efficiently results in fewer emissions entering the atmosphere.

Energy Independence

In today’s modern world, where the economies of the world are intertwined, regional events have global repercussions. Just the rumor of potential conflict in an oil-producing country has the power to drive up gas prices worldwide. Lessening a dependence on foreign oil through conservation offers a measure of financial and national security.

Countering Rising Energy Demands

The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) predicts that global demand for energy will double by the year 2035. Energy prices are predicted to rise as well. The EIA reports that while energy-efficient appliances have been effective in conserving energy, an increase in the number of electronics in American homes has offset those savings. While the number of televisions in each home has dropped to less than three per household, 39 percent of American homes now have more than one computer. For every dollar that a household spends on electricity, 30 cents goes towards powering home electronics and appliances

Conservation Benefits

By reducing the amount of carbon dioxide that is emitted into the atmosphere, cities, rivers and oceans are less polluted. Conservation can slow the effect of climate change, reducing the occurrence of disastrous weather events. Beyond the basic goal of conserving the planet’s resources, conservation has economical, political and cultural benefits. Conservation is personally empowering as well. Every citizen can takes steps to conserve energy, and a unified effort can result in significant, positive results.